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Napkin sizes

Napkins are produced in different sizes. The format depends on the type of use:

  • For parties and at the bar cocktail napkins are used, which have a size of 25x25cm when unfolded.
  • Tissue napkins, which are used at home at the dining table or in smaller restaurants, are 33x33cm in size. This is also the most widely produced and used format. These napkins are also used in napkin technology. Napkins of this size are called lunch napkins.
  • Fine napkins made of special, firmer types of paper (Airlaid and Linclass) are used in upscale gastronomy. They are slightly larger than the simple paper napkins and have a size of 40x40cm as dinner napkins.
  • If you fold the dinner napkins one more time into a 1/8 napkin, you get bistro napkins that are 40x40cm when unfolded.
  • In bistros and smaller restaurants the cutlery (English Silverware) is put gladly into the napkins. Special napkins are available for this purpose. These cutlery napkins already have an opening in the folded bistro napkins.
  • Smaller napkins folded into a 1/8 fold are suitable for the buffet snacks. These napkins are called snack napkins.
  • Round napkins are ideal for the coffee table or 5 o'clock tea in the afternoon and are also ideal as coasters for small cakes. In the world of napkins one speaks of the Rondo format.

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